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Erasmus + (English)

CIFP A Carballeira Marcos Valcárcel is a Higher Education and Vocational Training Institution which offers courses in the fields of Informatics and Communication Technologies, Health and Welfare, Environmental Chemistry and Health, Cell Culture and Chemistry. Students can choose among 16 official degrees. The current number of enrolled students is more than 1000. Our school would like to offer our higher education and vocational training students the opportunity to do an internship in various European Union countries. We would like to improve our students' employability by acquiring new technical and language skills and offer them sociocultural and linguistic exchange.

The key aims of our project are to ensure greater responsibility, greater self-esteem and self- training; to promote better learning performance; to increase the rate of employability in these fields; to create equal opportunity for participation in European projects; to create professional internship opportunities at an international level for students from underprivileged backgrounds and to provide students with experiences that promote cultural and linguistic development.

CIFP A Carballeira has been committed to the internationalization of higher education and vocational training for almost 10 years, and since the beginning we have been involved in improving educational and employment opportunities for young Europeans. In recent years, we have been participating in the Erasmus+ program with different consortiums, allowing students to carry out their internships in countries such as Italy, Ireland, Finland, Portugal, or Poland, among others. The internationalization strategy of CIFP A Carballeira-Marcos Valcárcel in the Erasmus+ 2021-2027 program aims to develop the innovation and modernization of our teachings through international cooperation and the creation of collaboration networks with training centers, organizations, and companies abroad. We are mainly concerned with promoting students' linguistic and multicultural preparation, to improve their skills and employability and providing our influence area with a more inclusive, innovative, multicultural view that is more aligned with all European countries.

Every academic year, between March and June and September and December, some of our students will do a traineeship of 79 days (vocational training) and between 60 and 90 days (higher education).

The aim is to diversify the destinations for the different vocational courses, since this will allow all participants to benefit from more enriching and stimulating testimonies, generating greater impact on our school.

We are working to arrange work placements for the traineeships of our students. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
CIFP A Carballeira - Marcos Valcárcel
Praza da Lexión, s/n, 32002 – Ourense
Project Coordinator Natalia Gómez Justo
e-mail: Phone number: (+34) 988 788 477